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Whether blissfully married or miserable, extramarital affairs, or one partner going outside of the marriage to connect with another person on an intimate level, happen when one partner needs something they just arenít getting from their committed partner. There are many types of extramarital affairs, and they happen for many reasons, both noble and selfish. These affairs happen in secret with one partner attempting to keep the other in the dark, although when revealed, usually create drama that can lead to serious relationship issues. But even though they can end relationships, extramarital affairs are still very popular, occurring more often than most people would like to admit to themselves. But why? What is it that leads so many people to look outside of their marriage for the attention they crave? Why are so many extramarital affairs occurring?

Every person engaging in an extramarital affair will have their own reasons, but it almost always stems from some need that is not being fulfilled by their spouse. It might be that they are lacking excitement, attention, connection, or intimacy, and these needs can be either love or emotional or both. These needs or desires drive the person to look outside of their marriage to fulfill it, and people will find partners for their affairs that embody the things that they are most lacking in their marriages.

The most common reason to have an extramarital affair seems to be driven by passion, with one partner becoming bored with their intimate life. Work, family and the stress that comes with getting older and taking on more responsibilities can seriously decrease both the time available for love making and the desire for it. Or perhaps one partner wants to be more adventurous in bed but their spouse is too inhibited or uninterested, or they are secretly harboring submissive or dominant tendencies that they themselves are afraid to bring to light with their spouse. These situations often lead to one partner stepping outside of the relationship to fulfill their new, more exotic desires.

Emotional affairs are also becoming increasingly more common as smart phones, tv and the internet have divided our attention so thoroughly. Many people find themselves in a relationship where they no longer know what to say to one another, or they just donít seem to have much in common. These affairs typically are more tricky than ones based purely on desires and needs, but they can fulfill deep, emotional needs for people that arenít getting the attention or intimacy they are craving in their marriage.

Although extramarital affairs typically have negative associations and are considered wrong, sinful, and selfish, many times they can help a person find what they need outside of the relationship so that they can then come back and fix the marriage (although this is definitely not always the case). But extramarital affairs should not always be immediately considered wrong. Some of the needs that people have canít be fulfilled within their marriage, and these outside relationships allow the person to become a better spouse because they themselves are feeling more satisfied.

Extramarital Affair

Communication and deeply connecting with your spouse is the best way to make sure that you are each meeting the otherís needs so that there is no need for an extramarital affair. But when those needs are there, hiding just under the surface, stepping out and getting the fulfillment you crave from someone else is an enticing option.

Hidden Affair

Hidden Affair

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