Tips On How To Catch Your Partner Cheating
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Have you ever wondered if your partner is cheating on you? We all have, it’s natural to have insecurities about our partner’s fidelity. But if your wonder begins to turn in to suspicions, it’s time to take a closer look at your spouse or partner and discover if they’re actually cheating on you.

So where should you begin?

The first sign that a partner is cheating is a drastic change in desire without any catalyst. This might be that your partner wants way less love making, but it also might be that their desire has increased suddenly, or they want to explore new and different things in the bedroom. And this behavior occurs without any discussion about your love life, any changes in your current relationship status, and any hints of wanting to expand your explorations. This is a tell tale sign of an affair because it signals a change in your partner’s habits. Either they are going out and getting it somewhere else and don’t need it from you, or they’re going out and getting it somewhere else and it increases their desire to be with you more often.

Another sign that can give your partner away is a sudden change in mood and attitude, again without a reason. They may be suddenly happier around the house, whistling a tune while washing the dishes when normally they would be complaining about having to do chores. Or perhaps they’re depressed and quite when at home when normally they are talking. When this sudden shift in emotions occurs, it can mean that something big is going on outside of the home.

Also look for changes in patterns in your partner’s routine. If they’ve come home from work at 4:30pm every weekday for the past 5 years and then suddenly they have to stay late at the office or have to go back for a meeting late at night, they might be up to something. Look for any sort of change in when and where your partner is going when they’re not at home, and pay close attention to their excuses. After a while, the cheater will typically start to mix up their lies or confuse excuses, and if you’ve been paying attention, you can catch them in the lie.

Catch A Cheating Partner

You should also note if your partner is taking a change of clothes with him to work, has a secondary cell phone or computer that you’ve never seen before, or is acting secretive. A partner that freaks out when you look over his shoulder at the computer or try to search something on his phone is hiding something, and it just might be a secret lover.

Now before you go confronting your spouse about their infidelity, do note that if something drastic in their lives has occurred, the loss of a job, and illness, etc, that this could be the cause for these changes. And even if you’re sure that the signs of cheating are all there, it’s best to try and catch them in the act. Accusations without proof will only bring anger and turmoil, even if they’re true. So use this information you’ve gathered and try to discover what your partner is up to. Try to sneak his phone away and look for texts from a lover, see if you can peak at his email, or even follow him after work and see where he is disappearing to. With just a little bit of detective work, you can usually catch an inexperienced cheater. You’ll have your proof when you catch him in the act, and if it turns out your spouse really did just have to work late after all, then no harm in knowing.

Hidden Affair

Hidden Affair

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