How To Have Multiple Secret Affairs
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Taking on one secret affair, a relationship outside of the marriage that is kept from the knowledge of the spouse, is a pretty big job. It requires planning, lying, and the covering of tracks, and it can be quite stressful and time consuming to keep the secret from the unsuspecting spouse. But some people just arenít satisfied with one secret affair, they have two or three or four simultaneously. Imagine the difficulties of keeping that many relationships secret from your spouse! So why do people do it, and how do you manage having multiple secret affairs at once.

The why is the easier question to answer, of course. Some people take on multiple secret affairs because they have a wide range of needs that arenít getting fulfilled within their marriage. Whether love making or emotional, having more than one secret affair can allow the person to explore different avenues of their needs. Perhaps they have one secret affair that is strictly about having more physical contact, another that is more about the connection and attention they desire, and yet another that allows them to explore their more exotic desires. By taking on more secret lovers, the person is able to meet different needs that they might have and explore the different sides of their personalities fully and completely.

As to how to manage having multiple affairs, it depends a lot on the relationship with the spouse. Some people have spouses that travel for work week in and week out, so having multiple lovers is easy as they have plenty of free time to get out and explore. Others with closer living situations with their spouses may have to be more careful and only see each secret lover once a month or less and rotate between the different partners so that they don't find themselves bombarded with too many questions on their extended absence.

Woman Having Multiple Secret Affairs

The real difficulty lies in keeping so many secrets. Not only do these lovers need to be kept hidden from the spouse, most people will want to keep the lovers hidden from each other so as not to cause more drama and jealousy. It becomes a game of managing the lies and remember what your cover story is. A person with multiple secret affairs needs to really be on top of their alibis, and they must remember not to talk about their other relationships, which can be hard when they become close and personal. It can also be helpful to really compartmentalize each relationship and have a very specific persona that is used to deal with each lover so as not to get things mixed up from one to another.

It can put great stress on a person to keep so many secrets inside, and most would crack under the pressure of having to hide so much so often. But for those that can handle all the secrecy and manage their lies, having multiple secret affairs at once can help them to fill the many facets of needs and desires they may feel while still remaining in a committed relationship with their spouse. Itís never an easy path, but it can be deeply satisfying and exciting to manage this many secret affairs for the right person that is diligent, smart and prepared.

Hidden Affair

Hidden Affair

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