The Reason Why Women Are Seeking A Secret Affair
hidden affair

There are so many cultural and pop references to a manís infidelity in a marriage that you would almost assume from movies and tv that only men have secret affairs. But in reality, nearly as many women as men take on secret affairs, and often, theyíre better at keeping these affairs hidden as they have the dedication and discipline to cover their tracks and ensure the secrecy of the affair. And not only are women better at pulling off secret affairs, they get more out of them and find them more fulfilling and satisfying than men do, and they stand to gain more positive benefits from seeking this type of arrangement. It might not be how itís portrayed in the movies, but women want secret affairs as much, if not more than men.

But why? The reasons are as varied as the women themselves, but there a few common ones that pop up over and over again in the stories of these women.

The most common reason women want a secret affair is because their husbands no long appreciate them or take the care and effort to please them or give them the level of attention they deserve. As a marriage moves on in years, many times men get lazy. They just assume their wife will be there at home waiting for them. So they no longer take her on dates. They donít bring her flowers or try to sweep her off her feet the way they did in the early days of their courtship. They might be bogged down with work or too distracted by cell phones and video games, and they just figure that since theyíre married, it doesnít really matter. But for women, this is truly devastating. It can zap their self confidence and leave them feeling unattractive and undesirable, even if they know theyíre not. And women know you can only fish for compliments or beg to be taken out for a special night so many times before you just give up. So many times, a woman looks for this attention outside of her marriage with a secret lover.

Other women find that itís not attention they need so much as love, plain and simple. Again, itís something that happens when couples get too comfortable with one another. They fall into old habits and patterns, they donít try new things, they donít explore or cherish one another during love making any longer. Men might be able to deal with this, but for women, a lack of meaningful, exciting, passion canít be so easily fixed on her own, and it drives her to find a secret affair that gives her all of these things in the bedroom that she canít get at home.

Woman Having A Secret Affair

Or course, there are also the women who have a taste in sexual activities that they canít convince their husbands to participate in (such as playing the Dominatrix), so they will get themselves a secret lover who will submit to their every wish.

When women have these needs, these voids in their lives, they are likely to go out and do something about it. And the only solution to having a desire to be treasured and pleased is a secret lover that brings the excitement back to her life.

Hidden Affair

Hidden Affair

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